My Obsession For Cupcakes ♥

February 10, 2009

in a pink tutu


mario cupcakes


pac man cupcakes

Last but not least

iPhone cupcakes


10 Responses to “My Obsession For Cupcakes ♥”

  1. Jessicadone Says:

    if you find more pictures, can you please post them.

  2. somebody else Says:

    they are so cute!! i love the mario ones!! I love cupcakes they look cute and taste yummy!! I cant think of anything in the whole wide world better than cupcakes!

  3. christygriner Says:


  4. Lyd Says:

    did u make those??they’re super cute!

  5. ma1218 Says:

    i love cuocakes 2!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish that i knew how to decorate them as well as you!

  6. Rachel Marlow Says:

    haha wow your cupcakes are AMAZING where did you get your fondont or gumpaste it looks realy good

  7. altaf Says:

    A good idea and delicious

  8. megan flatbush Says:

    i think they are so cool and i really would like to know how they made them!!!!

  9. grace Says:

    your cupcakes are amazing…i love the mario cupcakes..great job

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